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Business solutions for Lithuania

We could help with your business establishing in Lithuania - with your product or service market research, ltd. company registration, finding place for your business, preparing business plan, etc.

According to Kaunas, Lithuania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts:

"10 Reasons to Invest in Lithuania:
1.Strategic Location Bridging the EU (Europe Union) and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
2. Availability Of Well-Trained, Competitive Labour Force.
3. Very Attractive Operating And Living Costs.
4. Well-developed Transportation Networks.
5. Free Economic Zones And Industrial Parks.
6. World-Standard Export Production.
7. Multinational Investor Satisfaction.
8. Strong FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Growth.
9. A Rapid Growth Of E-Business and Development of Knowledge Economy.
10. Social And Political Stability."

Please contact us for investment possisbilities in Lithuania as on your individual project, we will calculate and will offer simplified estimate depend on your budget for free!

Please also read our Cooperation conditions.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email:, through our website Contacts form or by cell: +370-675-96836 ("Whatsapp" and "Viber" available).
Rietavo 5-42, Kaunas, 48262, Lietuva (Lithuania)
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